Matrigen Cleansing Enzyme Peel

Care Instruction:

Powder formula perfects to peel off the dead skin cells and provide the rich nutrition to the skin by the plant extracts and enzymes.​


Use a powder with water until it’s well foamed. Apply to the area and gently rub, then wash face with wet cotton pads. After applying, a client may have some hot or tingling sensation – it is normal.


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Matrigen Cleansing  Enzyme Peel loosens the epithelial layer for the introduction of active substances, triggers the withdrawal of toxins. Enzymes break the bonds between the scales, afterwards, the upper layer of the skin is gently and painlessly removed, revealing young, healthy cells. The procedure is useful for the face: maximally cleanses the pores, brightens the pigment spots, eliminates acne, stimulates the appearance of new cells.

It’s perfect to prepare the skin for BB Glow and Micronidling procedures.


The ideal therapeutic solution to cleanse skin matrix.


Cleansing & peeling powder foam made in Korea. 1 bottle 80 mg.

For professional and home use.